Parenting is a partnership. Building a strong loving relationship with your children takes both the parent and the child to make the parent/child experience full. Parenting is not an easy job. It seems as though it should be so much more spiritually  in alignment than it is and  that we should instinctually know what to do. I teach you to parent with intuition, rather than instinct. This is the key to cracking the code of parenting. My passion and intuition will dive in to what is causing friction, why it seems difficult, and begin to soothe your human heart and mind and align your family.

My new book is based on Conversations with God for Parents.

Laurie's children's book

 The Positive Little Soul For The Children Of Humanity.

Are you questioning everything about your relationship/s, your career, your health and overall spiritual well being ? Are you wondering if the perfect partner will ever show up in your life? Are you curious if your marriage will be full and have longevity? Do you question everything about where your life is going? I will assist you in finding love, knowing love, being love, and bringing YOU to the love of your life.  Show you a sense of direction in your work and reminding you who you truly are.

These readings cover all realationships, including with your children. As well as removing relationships that cause you emotional pain.

Intuitive Reading

Understand your

Love & Relationships


Pure Intuitive Parenting

​​​Paranormal Investigator

Psychic Medium

Death & Dying

​​I have investigated & cleared hundreds of locations that host paranormal activity. I use special techniques to communicate with the spirits that you and your family may be encountering. I will carefully remove spirits,  energies and portals from your surroundings.  Children are more at risk in this activity, as well as in tune to the energies surrounding them.  I work well in this environment.  Spirits and energies will latch on to you and your environment so it is very important to not ignore the signs of paranormal activity. I can quickly pick up on who these spirits are, what they want, and how to release them. I am very sensitive and successful in this area. Don't let another second go by without removing and clearing your space.

​​Our loved one's spirits are a part of our lives from the realm of the spiritual world. Spirits talk to me wherever I go, no matter where I am. I enjoy re-connecting heaven and earth, assisting individuals in the understanding of the process we call death.  My ability to connect with the spirit world is as easy for me as it is for you to talk to the living. I work for the other side when I communicate with them, I do it for them, not you. Although we miss them and wish to talk with them, their message is much more important to convey. There is no such thing as dying, our souls continue to live on even after we leave our bodies, and begin "anew," as we  journey to  the other side. Communicate with them now!