Communicate with your loved ones who has crossed.

 Prices begin at $200 per hr.  (a typical session)

~ $250 for 90 minute session.

~ Two clients together  - $325 per 90 minute session.

~ Event : Group readings / session of 10 people or more in your home - $75 per person ( best value )

Each session has an $8- $10 processing fee.

   Couple or Family intuitive guidance. Working  through the 5 natural  human emotions to create            more love, joy and satisfying relationships.               

Package of three sessions / readings 

  ~ $$625 - 3 - 90 minute sessions.

Each session has an $8 - $10 processing fee.

    ~Pure intuitive Parenting


Spirit Tour ~  Cleaning your closet!

~Intuitive Readings

                    One on one

~Love & Relationships           


~ 1st session - $250 ( includes consulting through my Psychic abilities and reading energy.

​~ 90 minute session.

~ Package of 5 sessions - $1000

(discounted with this package)

Each session has an $8 - $10 processing fee.

​~​​Psychic Medium

Prices begins at - $225 for 1st phone consultation and work.

~ Home investigation and removal -  $1500

Return to property - $375 ( follow up ) 

​~ Portal closure -Starting at $2200. Some removals require long days, or over night stays. This will change the price.

Each session has an $8 - $10 processing fee.

Round trip flight & accommodations should they be needed.

Package of 6 sessions.

Appointments made by you, around your schedule.

​$1,100 ~ For 6 personal sessions.

(discounted w/ this package).

Each session has an $8- $10 processing fee.

~Spirit Tour

​Advanced Personal Sessions

 Parenting with intuition, rather than instincts. Repairing the connection between parent and child. I include tools and applications from my best selling book.                 

Have you ever taken a tour of your spirit? The time is now! You know that this tour will be the best sight seeing trip you have ever experienced. A true vacation of a lifetime!

Personal sessions with me that will blow you right out of your funk, remove life blocks, societies illusions and find out your souls truth's. We will work on personal growth for all of your relationships, including the one with yourself, your own. An ongoing conversation where I will intuitively guide you in the direction that your spirit wants to go. You will not be the same person after this spirit tour.

Mind, body & spirit

​Fall Special only through October 12th.

 Opening the aura, Communication with loved ones crossed, shifting perceptions of yourself, career, relationships, addictions, personal growth. 

I can do an hr. session for $200. I find from experience, one hr. is not enough time to get all of the information. 

~ $150 for 90 minutes.

Each session has a $8 - $10 processing fee.

~Paranormal Investigation

& ​Ghost Hunter