Anna S Unique  ~  Laurie Lankins Farley - The Pure Intuitive — 5 star
You are truly a pure intuitive with gifts and talents that go far beyond this world! I love your live streams and your page so filled with love, beauty and inspiration! Thank you!

Karen Harris

Such a beautiful soul, Laurie is so in tuned with her given gift. With a touch of a hand, she told me things. I needed to hear, ever so grateful to her. 

Liz Jackson ~ ​Laurie Lankins Farley - The Pure Intuitive
Hi Laurie, I was just reading your article in Shining Mentor Magazine and it just hit me, that my mother is an example of what happens when you are brilliant and capable but accept that others are more worthy, successful and that decades of beliefs must be right, just because whole congregations and loud voices say it is so. I'm getting the enormity of this as I write, that the thousands of voices in her head are those that she has taken on as if her own. I realized this happens with Empaths and discovered some do it with experiences and illnesses, as I saw that happening in myself. Not sure why I had to write this but the person/s who need to read will be drawn

​​​​What people are saying about Laurie, The Pure Intuitive

Larry Schmidt
Independent Representative of Primerica, Inc.

Laurie is a Pure Inuitive and an amazing woman. Laurie had a passion for helping those who had crossed over as well as the ones who are still here in the physical world. I've watched her change the lives of people with the readings she has provided them, and for the reading she provided me. She was ablle to help my Dad communicate with me lonf after he had passed. The message was the truth and it was a miracle for me. The true blessing is that she thanked me for allowing her to share these special messages from my dad with me, when in fact it was my honor to hear these wonderful messages from her. I will forever be in gratitude for the services Laurie provided me. She is the 'Real Deal' and everyone should contact her for her wonderful and Devine services. Thank you Laurie! I love you!less

Mayuri ~   Feeling blessed.
Laurie connecyed to the other side for me. I am beyond grateful to have known her and so thankful for everything she told me. She also read my aura and chakras and gave me the guidance I needed.. Thank you sooo very much beautiful friend 

Michele Goren  ~  Laurie Lankins Farley - The Pure Intuitive — 5 star
Laurie, everyone's Love. Such an enlightened old soul with wisdom of the ages and a heart of angels!

As seen on Oprah!

Lisa Corn Collett ~ Laurie Lankins Farley - The Pure Intuitive — 5 star
I absolutely love Laurie! I have even been able to help others by having her do readings with them. I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for her making herself available because she is so busy, I know. I waited until I had could get in contact with her to do a reading and it was truly amazing.

Jocelynne DeViller
Thank you Laurie for my amazing connection with you today on the phone. I appreciate the time you took with me and your blessed gifts of intuitiveness. You provided insight and guidance, reassurance and assistance in areas of my life that I wasn't even consciously aware were pressing for me right now. Your gift is truly amazing and I thank you for sharing. I will be sure to keep you posted. I need some time to sit quietly now and reflect on all the amazing bits of wisdom that I have gleaned from our phone call today. God bless you


 You are so special! Y'all, I love this woman! Laurie has such amazing abilities as well as a wealth of knowledge and in all honesty, a teacher. I can't not explain what a gift she game me after losing my father unexpectedly to suicide last year

Helen M Barry  ~  Laurie Lankins Farley - The Pure Intuitive — 5 star
I love the weekly show.  Laurie is a loving and talented Medium. She is the real deal. One of my favorites  A must.