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~Coming Back Through The Light~

Wednesday, June 21st at 6:30 pm

Group reading ~ For information and to book your seat in this intimate setting of 15, call now!


Cost~ $75 per person.

Location: In my home in Troutdale, Oregon.

I will communicate with your loved ones on the other side.

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Laurie Lankins Farley

The Pure Intuitive


The Awakened Family ~

The book.

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Conversations With God For Parents

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Parenting With Intuition Rather Than Instinct.

~February 24th ~

Group Reading in Troutdale, OR.

Contact, Heather at: 503-724-0378 

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The Motherhood Evolution

The book.

Best seller on Amazon

Three of the most powerful women in spiritual renewal will

open your mind, heal your heart & soothe your soul.

Have you ever thought of how different your experience as a parent would be if you change the dynamic of how you are parenting? Has having children changed the relationship between you and your partner? Have you ever wondered if learning to use your intuition (third eye) could create the most amazing exchange between you and your child/ren?  That is exactly what we will focus on during this 5 week intensive workshop.

Parenting is a partnership. Building a strong and loving relationship with your children takes both the parent and the child to make the parent/child experience full. Parenting is not an easy job. It seems as though it should be so much more spiritually in alignment than it is, and  that we should instinctually know what to do. I will teach you to parent with intuition rather than instinct. This is a key component to cracking the code of parenting, along with Conscious Parenting. My passion and intuition will dive in to what is causing friction, why it seems difficult, finding yourself through the parenting journey and begin to soothe your human parenting mind & soul, aligning your family.

Date : Wednesday nights 
Starting  March 22nd - April 19th.  At: 6 pm PST ~  9 pm EST  - Very limited space.

Spouses and partners $25  (add in fee) 

If you are interested in this workshop, don't delay! Only 20 spots available.

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Or, call my office and leave a voicemail with your full name and contact info.



The cost of the workshop is $250 for 5 weeks. One 2 hour class per week. A $25 add in fee for your partner / spouse.

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Workshop Topics

Parenting With Intuition Rather Than Instinct.

 You will be able to ask questions, listen, learn and interact with myself, Shefali & Suzi.

How to understand your own intuition.​

 Intuitively parenting "out" of the old paradigm .

learning & talking about the difference between intuition and instinct.

1. A controlling mind will stop your personal growth.

​2. A cluttered mind will halt change.

3. A fearful mind will create distance.

The 5 natural human emotions & how they play a huge roll in your parenting partnership.

There will be a selected topic by: Dr Shefali

A selected topic by: Suzi Kesler Lula

We will open discussion for 30 minutes at the end of the workshop each week for a Q & A, as well as progress stories.

All calls will be recorded so you can still listen if you miss one or more. Call information and recordings will be sent via email once you book your spot.

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I look forward to connecting with you. You inspire me!

Where you interact with us!

A free call in workshop with world renowned Psychic Medium, Laurie Lankins Farley. This call will assist you in learning how to become your own Pure Intuitive. Assisting in Parenting with Intuition rather than instinct, relationships, and why we block ourselves energetically as well as how to use your earth energy. All with a Q & A. Please private Message me here, or call my office phone ( leave a message with your full name and email address) to get the free call in information. 1+ 503-997- 1029. Thank you.

~May 13th~

Group reading in St. P​aul 

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Group Readings

~May 21st~

Group reading in Sandy Oregon.

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​Special guest:

Dr. Shefali Tsabary 

​& Suzi Kesler Lula